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Are you dealing with rodents in your home or office? If you are in need of a rodent control service, don’t wait to call an exterminator. The biology and habits of rodents make them a challenge to control. So the sooner the better! Below are a few things you should know about these menaces.



Rats, they’re smart. These highly instinctive critters are incredibly cautious and wary of things new to their environment. Once you have taken certain rodent control measures, like laying mouse traps or putting out rat poison, it is likely the rat or colony of rats has already caught on. If your home is in need of a rodent control service, don’t wait to call the professionals at Ysoli Pest Control, LLC. It’s time for those pesky rodents to move out!



While rats are certainly the larger threat, mice, rats' smaller relatives, can invade the walls and wreak havoc in your home. These little critters typically enter residences and office buildings seeking food, water and warmth. Just as with rats, do not attempt to handle mice on your own. Their front teeth are not as large as the rat’s, and their bite will not hurt as badly, but they are just as likely to carry a number of different diseases in their saliva. If you locate a rodent in your Riverside or Port Chester home, don't hesitate to call the trusted exterminators at Ysoli Pest Control LLC.


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