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For the Port Chester, NY; Stamford & Monroe, CT Areas

If you discover rats or mice in your home or office, Ysoli Pest Control, LLC is the company to call. The biology and habits of rodents make them challenging to control, so it’s best to call our exterminators as soon as possible so we can professionally eradicate them. In addition, they can carry sickness and disease that could create a health hazard. Our rodent exterminator services extend to Stamford, Monroe, CT and the Port Chester, NY area.


Rats are smart. These highly instinctive critters are incredibly cautious and wary of things new to their environment. As soon as you take certain rodent control measures, like laying mouse traps or putting out rat poison, it is likely the rat or colony of rats has already caught on.


Mice can invade walls and wreak havoc. These little critters typically enter residences and office buildings seeking food, water and warmth. Just as with rats, do not attempt to handle mice on your own. Even though their front teeth are not as large, and their bite will not hurt as badly, they are just as likely to carry a number of different diseases in their saliva.


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If you locate a rodent in your home or workplace, call our trusted exterminators right away. Our rodent control services are available 24/7 throughout Monroe, Stamford, CT; Port Chester, NY and the surrounding areas.

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Professionalism, Punctuality

Ysoli has helped me with pest problems for three years and done a great job. His team is professional and prompt, and they stand behind their work. I recommend them to my friends.

— Casey Hart